About Koral’s Candles

Koral’s Candles was officially founded when I had my daughter, Koral. When Koral was five days old she became unresponsive, and nearly stopped breathing. Upon rushing her to the emergency room, and after 24 hours of tests we found out she had meningitis. For the next month Koral was in the neonatal intensive care unit, and fought the fight of her life. Against all odds, Koral beat meningitis. Koral taught me what it means to fight unrelentlessly and to never give up. I decided I had to do everything in my power to chase my dreams because if my 5 day old daughter refused to give up on life, how could I? It is my mission to do and be the best I can for Koral. That is why at Koral’s candles we use 100% all-natural soy wax with fragrance that is 100% phthalate free to ensure we are providing the safest products possible for our customers. We are so grateful you have chosen to support Koral’s candles, and from the bottom of our hearts wish you all the best. 





3.5 oz candles

$6 + Shipping and Handling 


7 oz candles

$11 + Shipping and Handling


13.5 oz candles

$20 + Shipping and Handling 



2 oz wax melts

$5 + Shipping and Handling





Customer Testimonials


sabrina leamon
san diego, ca

“Okay so I’m a total candle snob and these are by far the best I’ve ever come across. Not only do they smell amazing but the scent fills the entire room even hours after the candles been blown out. 12/10 recommend”


Joanna Christian-Craig
san diego, ca

“I absolutely love these candles! I can smell them in my entire house, and even without them being lit! If you love a great candle, I highly recommend you try these!”


Kendrick spencer
newport, ri

“Candles came for the wife! They smell amazing!!! Thank you Koral’s Candles!”


Jamie suarez
murrieta, ca

“I love Koral’s Candles! They smell so wonderful and always put me in a good mood!”